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Wayfair.com is an award winning online retailer of home products. Their mission is simple: make it easy for homeowners to order anything they could possible ever want for their home. Wayfair has one awards for their acheivements as an online retailer, for their mobile app, and have been placed on Forbe’s most promising companies profile. In addition to Wayfair’s multiple awards for sales and customer service they are also known for their competitive drive. While they have many locations across the globe, Wayfair has located their warehouses in Cranbury, NJ and Linden, NJ — providing jobs for the local community.

Pictured to the right, their warehouses are huge. Straight Line Communications provided the telecommunication services to the Cranbury, NJ and Linden, NJ warehouses. Straight Line Communications provided on site support to build out the distribution center for Wayfair.com. During the course of the project Straight Line Communications provided needed and necessary materials to allow for the project to continue moving forward. During the course of the project we installed over 50 miles of Category 6 cabling to support a wireless access system and structured cabling for the executives and in house staffing. To support the structured cabling a fiber optic backbone solution was put in place. The fiber optic solution was put in place to support 13 IDF’s (Intermittent distribution frames). Straight Line Communications provided the back bone solution to support over 120 interior and exterior IP cameras. To cap off the project, Straight Line built the entire DATA Center to support the infrastructure that includes voice, data and CCTV.Considerate arranging and insight into infrastructure architecture is paramount in creating an effective data center build out. Straight Line Communications has well over 75 years of combined experience, which allows us the ability to conceptualize, implement and service a networking infrastructure to suit your specific needs. Our solutions are compiled of the utmost cutting-edge materials and infrastructure engineering.

Aging data centers are in urgent need of an overhaul. Accomplish operational proficiency, maintain a strategic distance from the danger of running on an out of date organizational framework while diminishing your operational and support cost. The job we performed for Wayfair.com is not an unusual job for Straight Line Communications by any means! In the modern world, your business demands a speedy network and smooth lines of communication between you and your customer. Our telecommunications and structured cabling services are top of the line and in the end we are YOUR LINK TO THE FUTURE. If you’ve noticed problems with your information architecture, data center, CCTV, VOIP, or cabling infrastructure or you are in the beginning stages of a construction design, give us a call. We are here to meet your goals and provide you YOUR LINK TO THE FUTURE.

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