Moving to a new office can be challenging, but planning ahead will ensure the process is smooth and stress-free. This is the ideal time to upgrade your networking infrastructure and install structured cabling, which is a very important element of your internet connectivity. Moving offices will provide you with the perfect opportunity to ensure your new office is well-equipped to handle high bandwidth of data while making sure it’s scalable for new users.

Data & Infrastructure

The usage of internet data for businesses is growing significantly every year, and it is a must that you have an understanding of future data usage and users. To do this successfully, you will need a highly sustainable and scalable network cabling infrastructure; talking to a structured cabling company is the first step. Experts from a reputable structured cabling company will guide you through the processes and will help you build an optimal cabling network for optimal communications performance.

If your office is completely new, the cable and conduits must be roughed in before the walls are done. Cables can be installed and terminated within specific wall locations before your new office furniture arrives. Some cables that terminate into modular furniture can only be routed out to the floor during these early stages, for later configuration with your new office furniture and equipment. 

Evaluating Wireless Coverage

Make sure you evaluate the new office’s Wi-Fi coverage, and you can complete a wireless survey if necessary to avoid potential dead spots. Always document your Wi-Fi coverage expectations, and the use of Fibre optic is a must for all new-age internet services. 

Assess your budget to determine whether you can consider fiber cabling, which can run to strategic points in your server room. The capacity of fiber is far greater than that of copper, and having it installed during your initial cabling project will usually cost less than having it installed after your move. If your budget allows for it, structured cabling companies will highly recommend this option.

Plan Your Server Room

Don’t forget to plan your server room design to accommodate future updates, and remember that this area needs to be as open as possible. It should also be well-ventilated and dust-free, and you must invest in proper and reliable door security to restrict access to your server room.

Office security is extremely important, and this aspect must be prioritized along with data cabling. You need to make sure all important areas are covered with high-resolution CCTV cameras capable of streaming live videos on any network device, including mobile phones; this needs to be carried out before you move in. Proper wiring for cameras is very important, and this step needs to be planned before the move into the new office is complete. 

Your Tech Experts for Office Relocation

Here at Straight Line Communications, we have years of experience with office moves and offer a number of services, including voice and data cabling, data room build-outs, warehouse cabling, and Wi-Fi heat mapping.

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