Enhance security and safeguard your assets with Straight Line Communications’ comprehensive CCTV solutions tailored for automotive dealerships.

Fullerton Auto Group recognized the imperative need for a robust surveillance system to protect their expansive multi-dealership property, comprising ALFA ROMERO, Ford, Chrysler, and two auxiliary buildings. Situated strategically on Rt22 and adjacent to a major thoroughfare, their location posed heightened vulnerability to theft and vandalism.

In response to this challenge, Straight Line Communications delivered a sophisticated 30-camera exterior solution meticulously designed to cover every inch of the premises. Our integrated approach incorporated state-of-the-art PTZ cameras equipped with Smart Tracking technology, LPR (license plate reader) cameras, and a diverse range of short and long-range models. Through meticulous deployment and seamless integration, all cameras and NVRs were interconnected via newly installed Cat6 and campus fiber cabling, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

At the core of our solution lies uncompromising image quality, with all cameras recording in high definition (2.1MP 1080P), and scalability up to 8MP models for enhanced clarity. Additionally, Straight Line Communications seamlessly incorporated Fullerton’s existing cameras onto the new NVRs, providing a unified platform for streamlined video storage and retrieval.

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