Audio & Video Conference

Any business will benefit from having an AV system in your boardroom. An expertly installed audio and visual system will enable you to communicate with anyone from anywhere effortlessly. Audio and video conferencing solutions can also help make the decision-making processes in your business smoother with real-time collaboration. 

How can your business be improved with audio/video conferencing?

Reduce Travel Times

After installing the video and audio conferencing system, many businesses report that they have reduced about 13% of their travel costs. While the need for in-person meetings is still there, they no longer have to leave the office to do them, which also maximized productivity.

Increases Employee Communication

Audio & visual conferencing is not only beneficial when communicating with customers but also enables employees and managers to have much more open communication with each other.

What Is Installation Like?

We have processes in place that make video installation an easy and smooth process. Book us in for a day and time that your boardroom, meeting room, and training areas aren’t in use to minimize any disruption to your business. When we complete the installation, we clean up our materials and show you how to use your new system. 

Our team at Straight Line Communications works with you to decide on the best audio and video solutions for your business. Whether you need a simple installation of AV, projectors, and displays or a more complex customized system, we are here to help.

We know the key to a successful installation is equipment testing, which we perform thoroughly to ensure that your installation runs smoothly, even after we are gone.