Straight Line Communications is geared towards 100% customer satisfaction and service. Our goal is to keep all projects moving in a timely manner and meet all goals set forth. The key element to doing so is working cohesively with all vendors associated with the project. From the engineering down to the furniture install, our goal is to provide a seamless transition from start to finish.

Installation of voice, data and video cabling, build outs, clean ups, moves, add’s, changes ( MAC services), new construction and renovations, design provide aesthetically pleasing cable solutions for all building and office structures. From an open floor plan to a drop ceiling, structured cabling is an art form.


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At Straight Line Communications of New Jersey, we are a proud provider of high quality video surveillance systems, including CCTVs and security camera installation. With advancing technology Straight Line Communications stays on the forefront and provides our customers with the latest and greatest technology available. Many of our customers want to integrate a security system into their existing phone or internet systems, or, if they are building a new business phone and IT system, to integrate security functions into the system.

A CCTV system is a closed-circuit television system. The signals are not publicly distributed, but are shown internally. They may appear on monitors in real-time or be recorded for later review. These systems can show multiple different viewpoints. For some users, there is a single monitor that will switch between camera views, while other users have a designated monitor for each camera.
A security camera, also known as a surveillance camera, is a camera that is used specifically for the purpose of observing an area to prevent or record criminal behavior. These cameras can be connected to monitors, recording devices, or both, and are often monitored by security guards or law enforcement officers.

Modern businesses need modern communication systems. A business phone system from Straight Line Communications of New Jersey ensures that your office has the infrastructure you need to handle the demands of the modern office place. What are those demands? Today’s businesses need a single-source provider for their voice and data infrastructures, so that the two systems can work together in seamless integration. At Straight Line Communication, we focus on being your telecommunications provider, so that you can easily integrate your IT and telecommunications systems with your infrastructure.

We offer a wide variety of solutions, depending on your individual business needs, including: Digital PBX Phone systems, Hosted VOIP systems, and IP systems. We also help you meet your other business phone needs, whether that means establishing a dedicated call center with toll-free number functionality or simply ensuring that your on-call professionals are always available by phone.

In addition to designing and installing your business phone system, we can also handle the maintenance of your current system and repairs if you have a system experiencing problems. If you have an outdated system that is struggling to keep up with your emerging business needs, we can also discuss affordable update alternatives with you. Whether you are a small or large customer our goal is 100% satisfaction and service. We provide round the clock 24/7 support to assist you with all of your needs and wants. Whether a time of crisis or you just have a new idea, we are here to help.

Audio video cabling, also referred to as audio video wiring or A/V cabling or wiring, is cable that is specifically installed for your audio and video devices. Not that long ago, A/V wiring was used primarily to wire speakers throughout a structure, so that the same music or other sounds could play simultaneously at multiple parts of a building, while being controlled in a central location. Your audio visual solutions include:

Office PA System — Any space that had multiple loud-speakers used this concept. For example, grocery stores have A/V wiring. You may not have noticed, but most of them play some type of soothing music while you are shopping. They also have the capability of making announcements over this central speaker systems, from announcing that more cashiers are needed at the front to making announcements about missing or found children in the store.
Link Your Devices — House your phones, televisions, and computers in the same infrastructure. Your design needs to fit your needs by being fast, cost-effective, and reliable. Straight Line Communications of New Jersey is your first step to integrating your devices with the future of your business.

At Straight Line Communications of New Jersey, we want to help you create a seamless, easy-to-use, audio-visual experience for you and your customers. Whether you want the ability to play soothing background music for your clients or feature a surround-sound entertainment solution for them, we will work with you to find out your business needs, your goals, and design a system that is perfect for you. In addition to installing the cabling for the job, our engineers can help you with hardware and device placement, and work with you until everything is perfect.